Caramic village tour 1/2- 1day: 45$

“Half day from 8.00- 13.00 or 13.00- 17.00”

8.00, tour guide will pick you up in your hotel lobby, then drive to Bat Trang ceramic village with 20Km away from the city center.

9.00, Arrival the village, our guide will take you walking around 4km to explore the area with small alleys and ancient houses. This place is known for its ceramics from 16 century until now, so you can visit some of the pottery workshops and watch craftmen are working.

After seeing the locals at work, you can purchase some souvenirs with a variety of items, including vases, bowls, plates, and other decorative items…..

If you have children, they can also try your hand at pottery-making by participating in a pottery workshop. This can be a fun and interactive way to experience the local culture.

11.30, enjoy a traditional Vietnamese dish for simple lunch.

12.00, leave this place to back Hanoi. Overall, a half-day trip to Bat Trang ceramic village can be a fun and informative experience for your tourists. It offers a glimpse into the local culture and provides an opportunity to learn about pottery-making.

13.00, Finish the tour in your hotel, see you next time!

Private tour half day tour from 8.00- 13.00 or 13.00- 17.00 offering 3 prices

Standard class

-Group alone: 45USD

-Group 2-4 pax: 35USD/ 1 person

  • Included: Public bus, tour guide, entrance fee, a simple lunch, water.

Superior class

-Group alone: 50USD

-Group 2- 4pax: 45USD/ 1 person

  • Included: Motorbike, tour guide, entrance fee, a simple lunch, water.

Deluxe class

-Group alone: 65USD

-Group 2- 4pax: 45USD/ 1 person

  • Included: Private car, tour guide, entrance fee, a simple lunch, water.

+Note: all do not included: tip (not compulsory)


Full day Tour will last until 17.00 drop off your hotel, and it will be surcharged 15USD per person

After lunch, you continue the morning tour to visit 2 more places in the afternoon below

Ceramic museum where artists to display their most valuable works, thereby connecting visitors with artisans, and ceramic products throughout the process of formation and development of ceramic village, including the types of ceramic glazes, from ancient to modern, with the changes in colour, shape and decorative motifs on ceramic products. The area helps you to gain an overview of the history of the craft village.

Flower village, coming here you will have an opportunity to see a variety of colourful flowers, how locals carefully care for the flowers to make them blossom just in time for Tet, Vietnamese traditional new year (around Feb time).

Optional if you have special requirement with visiting Zen Monastery for 30- 60 minutes.

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